POMS Reference

GN 03312: Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes

BASIC (09-05)

A. Policy

National security situations include:

  • threats against high government officials (such as the President), and

  • possible espionage, terrorism, high jacking, hostage taking and bombing.

Because of the seriousness of these crimes, disclosure may be made upon receipt of a written request even if the individual about whom information is being sought is only a suspect. These disclosures are made under:

B. Procedure

Components should contact the SSA Privacy Officer immediately, through the component Privacy Act or Security Coordinator, for all requests for information involving national security situations. If the Privacy Act or Security Coordinator is not available, contact the SSA Privacy Officer via email at ^FOIA Public Liaison, phone at (410) 966-6645, or fax at (410) 966-0869. In most cases the Privacy Officer will in turn make a referral to the Commissioner of SSA.

Before referring the case to the SSA Privacy Officer, quickly find out as much as possible about the crime, the requester's position in the law enforcement agency, and the information needed. You may ask the requester to telefax a written request.

Cases involving threats to the lives of other individuals (including SSA employees) are treated as disclosures for health and safety reasons, and are explained in GN 03316.135.