POMS Reference

GN 00307: Foreign Evidence

TN 32 (07-06)

A. Introduction

This section applies only to requests for local civil records, and state and religious records as shown in GN 00307.673.

B. Policy

It is the claimant's responsibility to request birth/baptismal records from state and religious authorities not covered by this instruction.

C. Procedure — POA Development

1. General

Ask the claimant whether he/she has a birth or baptismal certificate.

If the claimant


has a birth certificate recorded before age 5 (as shown in GN 00307.675) and issued by a local civil registrar,

see GN 00307.671.

has a baptismal record or a birth certificate issued by a State Archives,

see GN 00307.669B.

has a civil record established after age 5 and there is no religious record,

develop for secondary evidence in accordance with GN 00302.110 through GN 00302.125.

has a civil record which does not show a recordation date and the claimant states it was made before age 5, and there is no religious record,

send a copy of the birth certificate to the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) for verification of the recordation date.
Process the case under GN 00302.350 if the claimant is in the U.S., and GN 00307.150 if the claimant is in a country other than Mexico.

does not have a civil or religious birth record made before age 5; or has a negative response from a state or religious authority,

ask whether he /she has ever tried to get a birth or baptismal record. Take action as explained in GN 00307.670C.2.

2. Claimant Does Not Have Birth/Baptismal Record

Beginning January 15, 2015, a claimant born in Mexico and residing in the U.S may obtain a certified copy of his or her birth certificate from any Mexican Consulate in the United States. Please contact the consulate for fee amount.

a. Claimant Tried to Get Birth/Baptismal Record

Get complete information on the efforts made and the title and address of the official to whom the request was made. Determine whether a record is available at the State Archives or a religious source, if these have not been contacted. If a birth/baptismal record is available, take action as explained in GN 00307.670C.2.b.

See GN 00307.670D. if a local civil record may exist but has not been requested.

b. Claimant Has Not Tried to Get a Birth/Baptismal Certificate:

Ask him/her to get a state or religious record.

If necessary, assist the claimant in preparing the letter (as explained in GN 00301.190). If the claimant agrees to have the custodian send the evidence directly to the FO, add a postscript to the letter showing this and enclose a nonfranked envelope in accordance with GN 00301.195. Remind the claimant to include the fee before mailing the letter.

EXCEPTION: Records at the state and local registry in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, are generally unreliable (as shown in GN 00307.673). If a baptismal certificate is not available, request a birth certificate as explained in GN 00307.670D.

D. Procedure — Local Birth Record Only Preferred Evidence Available

1. General

Ask the FBU servicing the state in which the claimant was born to get a birth certificate from the local civil registrar if:

  1. There is no religious record of birth available; and

  2. Either:

    • The claimant was born in a state which has no state records for the period in which he/she was born; or

    • There is evidence that the state records for the year of his/her birth have been destroyed.

Include in the request:

  • Claimant's full name at birth (including the double surname, as explained in GN 00307.160);

  • His/her DB and all DB's alleged;

  • Place of birth, including the state and town, village or city. If the claimant was born in a large city, include the address of his/her parents at the time of his/her birth or the district of the city in which they lived. If he/she was born in a small town, village or rancho, include the name of the nearest large city or town;

  • Father's full name, (including double surname);

  • Mother's full name (including double surname);

  • Basis for the request (e.g., GN 00307.670 or GN 00307.679);

  • SSN on which claim has been filed;

  • If claim can be processed under GN 00302.350, show this and PC (or FO in SSI claims) having jurisdiction over claim. If there is no such indication, FBUs forward completed development to the requesting office.

NOTE: Before undertaking development, FBUs return and request clarification of any requests which are not clear or appear to be without basis.

2. Development Requests

Use an MDW, or an SSA-562-U3 (if there is an attachment to the request) to request the development in GN 00307.670D.1. Send the request as follows:


State or Territory of Birth:

Send Request to:

Baja California Norte (BCN)
Chihuahua (CHIH)
Coahuila (COAH)
Durango (DGO)
Nuevo Leon (NL)
Sonora (SON)
Tamaulipas (TAMPS)

Federal Benefits Unit
Ciudad Juarez
P.O. Box 10545
El Paso, TX 79995-0545
FAX: 011-52-656-613-4698
Email: FBU.Ciudad.Juarez@ssa.gov
FO code for MDW: 091

Aguascalientes (AGS)
Baja California Sur (BCS)
Colima (COL)
Jalisco (JAL)
Nayarit (NAY)
Sinaloa (SIN(
Zacatecas (ZAC)

Federal Benefits Unit
P.O. Box 9001
Brownsville, TX 78520-0901
FAX: 011-52-33-3268-0803
Email: FBU.Guadalajara@ssa.gov
FO code for MDW: 155

Campeche (CAMP)
Chiapas (CHI)
Distrito Federal (DF)
Guanajuato (GTO)
Guerrero (GRO)
Hidalgo (HGO)
Mexico (EDO MEX)
Michoacan (MICH)
Morelos (MOR)
Oaxaca (OAX)
Puebla (PUE)
Queretaro (QRO)
Quintana Roo (QR)
San Luis Potosi (SLP)
Tabasco (TAB)
Tlaxcala (TLA)
Vera Cruz (VC)
Yucatan (YUC)

Federal Benefits Unit
Mexico City
P.O. Box 9000
Brownsville, TX 78520-0900
FAX: 011-52-55-5080-2171
Email: FBU.Mexico.City@ssa.gov
FO code for MDW: 021