POMS Reference

SI 00835: Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance

TN 72 (01-12)

A. Policy for when a temporary absence ends

A temporary absence, for reasons other than school attendance or confinement in a Medicaid facility, ends when a claimant returns to the permanent living arrangement in the same calendar month he or she leaves or in the next month. If the claimant changes intent to return or does not return to the permanent living arrangement within the time limit, the absence was not temporary.

EXCEPTION: If the claimant dies in the month the absence begins or the month after he or she alleges temporary absence, the period of absence before death is temporary, even though he does not return to the permanent living arrangement.

B. Procedures for determining temporary absence of an eligible individual

If you are unsure whether a claimant’s absence was temporary, use this procedure. For more information on temporary absence from a federal LA, see SI 00835.040D.1.

1. Development procedures


  • whether the claimant intends to return to the permanent residence;

  • when the claimant expects to return;

  • when the absence began; and

  • how long the claimant lived at the permanent LA prior to the absence.

2. Documentation of the temporary absence

a. Absence not temporary

If an absence is not temporary, do not document this issue. An absence that is not temporary is a change in residence. For information regarding a change in residence breakpoints, see SI 00835.510.

b. Absence is temporary

Do not document that an absence is temporary. Tell the claimant that he or she must report to us if there is a change in plans for returning within the time limit.

C. Procedure for the absence of an ineligible household member

1. When to develop temporary absence for ineligible household member

Develop the temporary absence for another member of the household, who is not currently on the rolls, nor filing for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), when:

  • the claimant alleges the absence is temporary; and

  • if not temporary, the absence would affect an eligible claimant's eligibility or payment amount by changing the results of the LA/In-kind Support Maintenance (ISM) determination. (For information on break points, see SI 00835.510).

2. How to develop temporary absence of ineligible household member

Accept the allegation of the claimant. Do not contact the absent household member. It is not necessary to document the allegation.