POMS Reference

RS 00205: Student Benefits

TN 15 (01-03)

A. Introduction

Studies have shown irregularities in the FTA information secured by students from schools in Mexico and the Philippines. Thus, special procedures apply to establishing FTA at these schools.

B. Policy

FTA at schools in Mexico and the Philippines must be verified by the appropriate FBU before student benefits can be paid based on attendance at these schools.

C. Process

Normally, a student claimant will receive an SSA-1372-BK-FC from the office processing his or her claim in initial claims cases, or directly from SSA in the case of a child beneficiary about to reach age 18.

The student will complete the form following the directions on the form and return it to an FBU. That office will review the completed SSA-1372-BK-FC. If it appears that the student meets all the requirements for entitlement to student benefits, the FBU will contact the school and verify the correctness of the information shown on the statements of the student and school official.

The FBU will annotate the SSA-1372-BK-FC “Verified by telephone (or personal contact),” initial and date the annotation.