POMS Reference

RM 10211: Alien Evidence for an SSN

TN 1 (02-10)

CITATIONS: Social Security Act Sections 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(I) and (III), and 205(c)(2)(B)(ii); 20 CFR 422.104, 422.105 and 422.107

Persons with J1and J2 non-immigrant class of admission must submit evidence of nonimmigrant status per RM 10211.135 and Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J1) Status) as evidence of immigration status for an SSN card.

EXCEPTION: If the individual has a currently valid EAD (Employment Authorization Document such as I-766), the EAD is sufficient evidence of immigration status and employment authorization, even in the absence of evidence of nonimmigrant status per RM 10211.135 and a DS-2019. For additional information on EADs, see RM 10210.500B.

Employment authorization for a J-1 exchange visitor who is not issued an EAD is determined based on entries on the DS-2019, not the evidence of nonimmigrant status. To determine if the J1 or J2 exchange visitor is employment authorized, see RM 10211.345.

See also:

RM 10211.345, Evidence of Employment Authorization for the J1 (Exchange Visitor) and J2 (Dependent of J1) Classes of Admission