POMS Reference

GN 04440: Federal Quality Review of Disability Determinations

TN 8 (06-04)

This a list of acronyms used in this subchapter:

AC - Appeals Council

ALJ - Administrative Law Judge

AMS - acceptable medical source

AOD - alleged onset date

AR - acquiescence ruling

CD - center for disability

CDR - continuing disability review

CE - consultative examination

CEF — certified electronic folder

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CO - central office

CR - consistency review

CSR - conditional severity rating

DAA - drug addiction and/or alcoholism

DDS - disability determination services

DE - disability examiner

DHU – disability hearing unit

DICARS - Disability Case Adjudication and Review System

DLI - date last insured

DPB - disability processing branch

DQB - disability quality branch

EDCS - Electronic Disability Collect System

EF — electronic folder

EM - emergency message

EOD - established onset date

FO - field office

IOD - interim onset date

MC - medical consultant

MCS - medical consultant staff

MCS - modernized claims system

MDF - modular disability folder

MDI - medically determinable impairment

MER - medical evidence of record

MI - medical improvement

MIE - medical improvement expected

MINE - medical improvement not expected

MIP - medical improvement possible

MIRS - medical improvement review standard

NH - number holder

ODO - Office of Disability Operations

ODP - Office of Disability Policy

ODAR - Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

OQR — Office of Quality Review

PC - psychological consultant

PER – preeffectuation review

P.L. - Public Law

POMS - Program Operations Manual System

POD - potential onset date

POR - probability of reversal

PRTF - Psychiatric Review Technique Form

PSC - program service center

QA - quality assurance

QR - quality review

RC - review component

RFC - residual functional capacity

RO - regional office

ROD - recommended onset date

SGA - substantial gainful activity

SOJ - substitution of judgment

SSA - Social Security Administration

SSN - Social Security Number

SSR - Social Security Ruling

TCA — technical corrective action

TN - transmittal

TWP - trial work period

UWA - unsuccessful work attempt

WBDOC - Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center