POMS Reference

GN 01070: Intercomponent Communications

TN 19 (05-07)

Intranet websites for Regional Offices (ROs), Components, and Processing Centers (PCs) provide information on contacting by telephone.

Click here for a list of ROs and their respective intranet sites. Direct questions about claims actions to the appropriate component by topic of concern for your Region.

  • Processing Center (PSC/PC)

  • Center for Disability (CD)

  • Center for Programs Support (CPS)

  • Center for Automation (CA)

  • Center for Security and Integrity (CSI)

  • Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity (OCREO)

  • Regional Public Affairs (RPA)

  • Regional Office of Quality Assurance (ROQA)

  • Center for Materiel Resources (CMR)

  • Center for Human Resources (CHR)

  • Teleservice Centers (TSC)

Some software programs in use in FOs, PCs, and TSCs, that are being piloted and tested, have an authorized support procedure. Contact should be made according to the procedures appropriate to the program.

An alternate method of contact for questions would be an email to the Component’s Outlook mailbox. This allows for distribution of questions to program experts by subject matter and expertise.