POMS Reference

GN 00904: Jurisdiction and Contacts

TN 13 (11-97)

A. Policy

SSA requests assistance from an FBU when:

  • Instructions require correspondence or development through an FBU;

  • Conflicting evidence has been submitted;

  • Claimant or beneficiary requires special assistance; or

  • Development cannot be completed through direct mail.

B. Procedure — general

Make requests for FSP assistance detailed and specific since, generally, FBU personnel (including those in claims-taking FBUs) have had only limited training in SSA matters.

Keep in mind the practical limitations of time, manpower and distances and the fact that most FBUs are not staffed to handle a volume of outside work. Scheduling outside work can delay completion of the request.

Indicate if a personal contact is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the FBU will use telephone, mail or whatever method is easiest to complete the request.

NOTE:SSA cannot request the assistance of FBUs in countries in which the U.S. is not represented by the Department of State or in which U.S. diplomatic representation is too limited to assist SSA. Such countries include Angola, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Libya, North Korea and Vietnam. Other countries can be involved as conditions in them change.

C. Procedure — DIO requests for FBU assistance

Make initial and followup requests to FBUs by administrative message, SSA-1320-U4 (Request for Services), telefax or telephone.

When preparing written messages, block print, using black ink for telefax transmission, or type the form. All copies must be clear and legible.