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GN 00905.174: FO Requests for Third-party Contacts in Greece

  • Effective Dates: 04/25/2014 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 04/16/2018 - Present
  • TN 7 (03-90)
  • GN 00905.174 FO Requests for Third-party Contacts in Greece
  • A. Procedure— In Greece
  • Refer requests to CDB in OIO if the claimant or beneficiary is in Greece.
  • Refer requests to IBO in DIO if the claimant or beneficiary is in Greece.
  • B. Procedure— not in Greece
  • If there is no claimant or beneficiary in Greece, take action as follows:
  • 1. General
  • Request development directly by SSA-562-U3 (Request for Assistance/ Certification of Document(s) or Record(s)) from the FBU in Athens. Provide a full explanation of the development needed. Attach clear and complete copies of all pertinent documents.
  • Address the request to:
  • * American Embassy
  • Federal Benefit Unit
  • PSC 108 Box 31
  • APO AE 09842
  • Note: FBU returns any request which is not clear or complete to the requesting office for clarification before it undertakes any development.
  • 2. Proof of age development
  • Use an SSA-1200, Request for Examination of Greek Records, as explained in GN 00307.523. Include the identifying information listed in GN 00307.522.
  • Send the request directly to the FBU in Athens as explained in 1.
  • 3. Diary periods
  • Diary requests as explained in GN 00904.245.
  • If no reply is received by the end of the second diary period, send a copy of the initial request (including all attachments) to the International Operations and Totalization Staff (IOTS) in OIO. (IOTS will take action to secure the needed development.)
  • Make any necessary subsequent followups at 30 day intervals with IOTS.