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DI 13010.600: The CDR Information (CDRI) Screen

  • Effective Dates: 07/05/2012 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 01/25/2018 - Present
  • TN 15 (11-02)
  • DI 13010.600 The CDR Information (CDRI) Screen
  • A. Procedure – Wen to use the CDRI Screen
  • A. Procedure – When to use the CDRI Screen
  • The CDRI provides information propagated from the MBR, SSR, and RPS systems depending upon the individual's benefit status and whether a representative payee is present. In addition, use this screen to record appellate actions pending and whether continuing benefits have been elected, if applicable.
  • B. Procedure – How to get to the CDRI Screen
  • To get to the CDRI screen.
  • * Select 32, DISABILITY CONTROL FILE, from SSA's main menu (MAIN).
  • * Select 10, OFFICE ACTIONS, from the CDR SELECTION MENU (MCDR) and enter the beneficiary's/recipient's BOAN, or press the PF10 key while on another screen.
  • C. Reference – CDRI Screen
  • MSOM CDR 001.014
  • D. Procedure – Completing the CDRI
  • Most of the information contained in the CDRI is system propagated. However, appellate information can be entered on this screen. Appellate data entered on this screen is informational for DCF control purposes only and does not interface with nor propagate from other systems.
  • * Enter Y in the applicable fields to annotate if an APPEAL has been filed and the reconsideration and the ALJ level, and if BENEFIT CONTINUATION was elected during each appeal action.
  • * If a prior file is involved in this action, enter Y in the PRIOR FILE field. If Y is entered, an issue PRIOR FL will be generated and an automatic tickle date of 60 days assigned.