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GN 00302.160: Material Discrepancy — Age

  • Effective Dates: 04/18/2011 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 11/20/2017 - Present
  • GN 00302.160 Material Discrepancy — Age
  • A. Definition
  • A material discrepancy is a difference between the DB alleged by a claimant and the DB indicated on documentary evidence, the NUMIDENT, other SSA records, or other Government records or a difference in DB shown among any of these pieces of evidence which affects any of the following:
  • * The month of attainment of age and entitlement to benefits based on the filed application, and one of the following factors or issues is involved:
  • * Age 18 (when child's benefits terminate)
  • * Age 19 (when student's benefits terminate)
  • * Age 31 (when special insured status for disability benefits no longer applies)
  • * Age 50 (when disabled widow(er)'s benefits can begin)
  • * Age 60 (when reduced widow(er)'s benefits can begin)
  • * Age 62 (when reduced retirement and/or spouse's benefits can begin)
  • * Age 65 (when enrollment in HI is effective),
  • * Full Retirement Age (when unreduced RSI benefits can begin), or
  • * Age 72 (when special age 72 payments can begin)
  • * Full Retirement Age (when unreduced RSI benefits can begin).
  • * Insured status or benefit amount is involved
  • * There is some question (due to the claimant's proximity to age 70) concerning whether or not work deductions apply (see RS 02501.001D)
  • * The discrepancy affects the claimant's eligibility to enroll for SMI (see HI 00805.080-HI 00805.115) or the amount of the premium is affected
  • * Attainment of a certain age affects disability factors (see DI 11010.055 and RS 00203.090), or
  • * Any other situation in which the claimant's age or DB is an immediate, specific factor of entitlement (see GN 00302.001) or otherwise affects monthly benefits.
  • B. Example 1
  • Jack filed for RIB and submitted an insurance policy showing a DB of 11/23/22. His NUMIDENT record shows 10/23/22. Since the discrepancy affects his MOET and reduction factor, the difference is material.
  • C. Example 2
  • Joyce filed for widow's benefits and submitted a delayed birth record showing a DB of 4/26/23. Her NUMIDENT record indicates 4/22/23. Since the discrepancy does not affect entitlement, benefit amount, or any other payment factor, the difference is not material.
  • D. Example 3
  • David filed for RIB in 9/86 and submitted a child's BC as proof of his age, showing a DB of 10/12/24. The NUMIDENT query response revealed three records, one established in 1943 showing 10/12/26, another established in 1956 showing 10/12/28 and a third recorded in 1963 indicating 10/12/ 24. Since the NUMIDENT records create a discrepancy which affects his entitlement, the difference is material. (The tolerance in GN 00302.180 relating to a discrepant NUMIDENT would not apply in this case.)